Web3 For All.

NFT Gater is an easy-to-use tool that allows creators to add web3 functionality to your own website without code! Sell access to your movie, merchandise, live stream performance or anything else as an NFT, without needing to pay a development team.

Monetize Your Audience

NFTs are the easiest, most secure way to sell exclusive access, digital and physical goods to your loyal audiences. Tokens are tradeable, collectible, completely yours and can be programmed to do just about anything. NFT Gater makes it possible for artists, performers and merchants to form a highly entertaining bond with consumers without needing to learn web3 and without giving up any of your revenue to a middleman.

Simple Web3 Creation

NFT Gater is the only self-service web3 creation platform that adds functionality to your own website. By dictating which NFTs unlock your gate, and choosing from a range of payload types, you can associate NFT ownership with anything from access to a Zoom meeting to a free product checkout on your store. Think of it like an If-This-Then-That for NFTs. Create your NFT using your favorite service, then use NFT Gater to apply functionality to those tokens in seconds.